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Sebulan berpuasa maka tibalah syawal untuk kita bersuka ria. Tetapi, mungkinkah kegembiraan tersekat dek kerana pertambahan berat badan hasil daripada juadah berbuka yang diambil sebulan lalu? Atau lemak-lemak tepu yang degil dan masih lagi ingin menjadikan tubuhmu ‘habitat’ sepanjang tahun? Walau apapun, matlamat untuk mengurangkan berat dan dan memiliki bentuk tubuh menawan perlu disemat dalam setiap hati para wanita.

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Dr.Jasmine talked about Acne Scars treatment @

Dr.Jasmine:" From the time I started practising as an aesthetic physician, I have many patients coming in for acne scar treatments. Unlike pigmentation which can be covered with concealer and foundation, acne scars are nearly impossible to hide as they leave pock marks on the face."

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Meet our Dr.Jasmine at SHAPE magazine, May Issue, page 25 & 66

Do you have any question about weight loss and fat loss? Let's Dr.Jasmine from Mediviron UOA Clinic tell you the answers. Get the SHAPE magazine May issue, you will find it at page 25.

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Also, Dr.Jasmine talk about Mummy makeover at page 66.


Dr.Jasmine on Shaadi Volumn 17

Dr.Jasmine Ruth is on Shaadi Magazine, Volumn 17, page 147, to talk about "The Top 10 Most Popular Treatments for Aesthetic Brides"!


Dr.Jasmine on Capital FM talked about Pigmentation Treatment

Capital FM interviewed Dr.Jasmine to talk about pigmentation treatment. Missed the channel? No worries, click the sound clip below and listen again!


Dr.Jasmine talked about Urinary Stress Incontinence In Women @

Coughing, sneezing, laughing, seem like fairly normal things one would do right? Well, not for everyone. If these symptoms are familiar, then you probably know someone who has SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence) or you are a sufferer yourself. SUI is the inability to control the vaginal muscles resulting in unpredictable urinary leakage. Can you imagine not being able to bend down and carry your child or having to refuse intimate time with your partner as you fear you may end up in an embarrassing situation? Some of my patients even have problems going from standing to sitting position or lying down.



Medlite Laser reviewed by blogger, Lau Ker Chi

Blogger, Lau Ker Chi came to our clinic and consult on her skin with white head, breakouts and scar problem with Dr. Jasmine, and decide to go for Laser Treatment.

"Anyone having pigmentation, uneven skin tone, freckles or any sort of imperfection on your face? Sharing my experience on my laser treatment with Klinik Mediviron Wisma UOA and Dr. Jasmine Ruth who did an amazing job." Lau Ker Chi

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