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Making Weight Loss Happen

You may have tried all sorts of dieting programs or medications but find shedding the weight difficult. Or you may have lost the weight, but put it back on again after stopping your diet or exercise program. Here we will discuss with you on safe and proven methods to lose weight.

 There are 3 ways to lose weight effectively and keeping the weight lost from coming back.

1.Consume Less Calories (Dieting)

The first and most obvious way to lose weight is by consuming less total calories. For example, if your body needs 2500 calories per day, and you give it 2000 calories per day, you are officially in a caloric deficit, meaning you are suppling your body with less calories than it needs to maintain your current weight. Doing this consistently will cause weight loss.

2.Burn More Calories (Exercise)

The second way to make the One Fact happen is by burning more calories. Your daily calorie maintenance level is the number of calories that your body burns per day. So, for example, if your daily maintenance level is 2500 calories and you consume 2500 calories per day, you will maintain your weight. Why? Because all 2500 calories consumed get burned by your body. There is no surplus and there is no deficit. It's even.

However, if you make your body burn additional calories each day through some form of exercise, there would then be a caloric deficit. A caloric deficit = weight loss.

So if you consume 2500 calories per day, and you naturally burn 2500 calories per day, you maintain your current weight. If you then burn an additional 500 calories through exercise, a caloric deficit is created.

3.Consume Less Calories AND Burn More Calories (Diet & Exercise)

The best way of making weight loss happen is a combination of both consuming less calories AND burning more calories.
Studies have shown that people who utilize both diet and exercise were more often able to maintain their weight loss long term than those who did one or the other. Doing both is also more beneficial from a general health standpoint as well. To lose weight effectively, do both.

How A Weight Loss Program Can Help

With a doctor's supervision, your food intake and exercise program can be monitored. Your lifestyle will be analysed andmodifications will be advised, if necessary.
Some people may need additional help in terms of medications to help supress the appetite to help in the weight loss. Your doctor will examine and determine if such treatments would be of help.

Losing weight effectively is possible with the right approach and help!

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