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There are a few modalities for treating pigmentation, blemishes, acne scars and melasma. At Mediviron UOA Clinic, we offer Medlite C6 laser, Fractional CO2 laser, skin peels and Infracyte anti-pigmentation creams.



We offer the InfraCyte range of pigmentation care products. These USA-made products are prescription-only items as they contain medications which are able to treat pigmentations and other skin problems effectively. They are not available at pharmacies, beauty saloons or over-the-counter.

InfraCyte products works by penetrating deep into the skin to stimulate new cell growth, improve circulation and help rebuild collagen so your skin becomes young again. It has been proven effective in treating Asian men and women of all ages, skin types and color.

Integrated with cellular and nutritional science, each Infracyte product range addresses specific skin conditions to help you achieve visible transformation in the quality of the skin, producing healthy and radiant skin, no matter what your age or skin type.

The InfraCyte product range has been clinically proven to improve:

  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Age spots
  • Melasma
  • Freckles
  • Wrinkles
  • Large pores
  • Acne
  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Aging skin due to sun exposure

The range of products includes the following:

InfraCyte Clean (cleanser) - This is the first step in preparing your skin for the special treatment products you are using. It contains a unique blend of herbal extracts, aloe vera and other cleansing agents to deeply clean blocked pores. It provides gentle and effective cleansing. Use twice a day.

InfraCyte Balance (toner) - Contains a unique blend of pure aloe vera and glycolic acid. It works to refresh, tone and hydrate the skin. At the same time, it restores skin's normal pH balance. Glycolic acid is proven to reduce acne, fine lines and wrinkles, and works as an exfoliant to remove dead cells. Use twice a day after cleansing.

InfraCyte Lumin (anti-pigmentation) - Unique formulation works two ways: lightens dark areas and evens out skin tones. Pigmentation such as freckles, age and liver spots will start to fade. Use twice a day after toner on pigmented areas.

InfraCyte Smooth (exfoliation) - This is a specially formulated lotion featuring Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) in a unique base, which helps smooth and tone rough or damaged skin. AHA increases cell turnover, which is the removal of the top, unhealthy layers of skin cells and promotes the regeneration of healthy, new cells. Use at night on pigmented areas.

InfraCyte Repair (anti-pigmentation) - Designed to work in synergy with Retin-A gel, this will enhance the correction process of skin problems, repair pigmented areas and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Extended use will produce a more youthful and refined complexion. Use at night on pigmented areas.

InfraCyte Tinted Sun Defense SPF 30 (sunblock) - Formulated to protect the skin from sun damage and provide a broad spectrum of sun protection. Use at least once a day during daytime. You may use light foundation and makeup after using the above-mentioned products.


Most clients see a 50% improvement in their skin pigmentation after few months of use. There is a 80 - 90% improvement in their skin condition after longer months usage.

The entire set of InfraCyte Products lasts few months and costs RM650. Retin-A gel which acts as a peeling agent cost RM40. Retin-A gel can also be used for treating acne.

Some clients prefer to use their regular product range. For these individuals, they may continue to use their own cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sun block. They may just add on the most important products which treats pigmentation, namely InfraCyte Lumin, InfraCyte Repair, and Retin-A gel. The total price for these 3 key products is RM400 and it can last for few months.


A skin peel is performed by the doctor applying a few layers of buffered Trichloroacetic (TCA) acid on the face and neck area. The buffered (reduced-strength) acid removals the top layers of unhealthy and dull skin, revealing healthy and new layers of skin underneath.

Too much of exposes skins to the sunlight will courses a damaged outer skin layers.

The benefits of skin peel is as below:

  • Pigmentation - reduces & improves the look of darkened skin patches and spots.
  • Acne Scarring - reduces and removes your dark marks, red spots, rough skin and blocked pores.
  • Sun Damage - reverses & removes your photo-aged and sun-damaged outer skin layers.
  • Age Spots - lightens and removes dark spots, and blotches on your skin.
  • Blackheads - open blocked pores eliminating black/whiteheads, smooths rough skin.
  • Uneven Skin Tone - clears, lightens and brightens your skin revealing an even colored skin tone.
  • Large Pores - quickly reduce the size, look, and appearance of your enlarged pores.
  • Fine Lines - this includes your laughter lines, crow's feet, brow lines, and crinkly skin.
A skin peel is safe.

The procedure takes less than 10 minutes and is not painful. One experiences a tingling or warm sensation on the face during the peel.

After the procedure, the skin will start peeling for a few days. During this time, you may still go to work and do your usual activities. The visible peeling is minimal and will not affect your appearances. During the peeling, you may continue to use your usual facial products such as cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunblock. Try to avoid using any harsh chemicals on the face such as facial scrubs for the first few days after each peeling session.

The skin peel is repeated every 1 month for a total of 4 sessions. Additional sessions may be done after a period of at least 1 month, to all the skin to fully recover and rejuvenate. However, even if you do one session, you will still see improvement.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you have any branch in India, Kolkata.

  2. Our branch is only at Wisma UOA II, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  3. Anonymous says:

    do u provide skin peel for armpit?

  4. Hi,

    yes, we do. It costs RM400 per session for both sides. Do 3 and get 1 free. You can do a session every 2 weeks. It will help remove pigmentation and reduce pore size.

    However, you might want to consider our Medlite C6 laser for the armpit too. Laser is painless, no downtime, helps reduce pigmentation up to 90%, makes skin smoother, pores smaller and best of all, it removes armpit hair permanently.

    Read more about our laser here:

  5. Anonymous says:


    How much is the MEdlite c6 laser for the armpit cost?

  6. We can remove pigmentation and hair permanently using the Medlite C6 laser.

    We charge RM900 per session of Medlite C6 laser both armpits. Do 5 times and get 1 time free. You would need 6 sessions to see up to 80 to 90% improvement.

    Each session of laser takes only 5 minutes. It is totally painless and there is no side effects such as redness, swelling et cetera. You can immediately go back to work and do your usual activities after the laser. You need to wait 2 weeks in between laser sessions.

    Feel free to read about laser procedure, before and after photos, side effects, price and other details on our website:

  7. Anonymous says:


    I have dark spots on my face (acne scars) and I am interested in this skin peeling. How much does it cost?

  8. Hi.
    Our TCA peel cost RM300 per session for the face. May I have your email address and contact number so we can provide more information to you in detail. Please email it to mediviron.uoa@gmail.com
    Thank you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to do skin peeling including lips also?My lips are very dark.

  10. Hi.
    We cannot treat dark lips by skin peel. We treat dark skin/pigmentation by Medlite C6 Laser. Appreciate I can have your contact number and email address so we can contact you to provide more info in detail. Kindly email it to mediviron.uoa@gmail.com
    Thank you :)

  11. Anonymous says:

    how do i obtain your products if it works well on my skin?
    Please advise as soon as possible. Thank you... I would like to purchase asap.

  12. Hi.
    Visit our clinic for a free consultation. We are located at Wisma UOA, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur, which is just opposite Aquaria KLCC and KL Convention Centre.
    The clinic map is on http://www.medivironuoa.com/2010/05/locate-us-on-google-maps.html
    Please feel free to call us at our clinic at +60-3-21635699/ 98 or +60-17-2163569 during office hours if you have any questions & to schedule your appointment.

  13. How can i remove scars on my knees ?

  14. Hi Folly, we can use Medlite C6 laser for that.

  15. Anonymous says:

    hi,i am having a vetiligo.how can you help me.

  16. Hi there, we don't have that treatment in our clinic. We advise you to seek a skin specialist.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hai can I know how must cost to remove scar at leg?

  18. We can whiten the skin, reduce uneven skin tone and other pigmentation by using laser. We have the
    Medlite C6 laser which is the best and latest laser available for skin whitening, pigmentation and dark scar removal. Please come for complimentary doctor consultation and kindly make appointment to +603.21635699 or contactus@mediviron-uoa.com

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Can I know cost of remove scar at my back from acne problem, an? how long is the treatment

  20. Hi, we use fractional CO2 laser to treat acne scar and the price is rm1500 per session, buy 4 free 2. Please come for complimentary doctor consultation and kindly make appointment to +603.21635699 or contactus@mediviron-uoa.com

  21. Anonymous says:


    I want to do skill peel. Is your price is still rm300/session and do you offer any package for this treatment?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hi, i have an active acne. what is the best treatment to this problem?

  23. Hi, we can treat it by skin peel, laser and a few more treatment, Please come for complimentary doctor consultation and kindly make appointment to +603.21635699 or contactus@mediviron-uoa.com

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I would like to treat the leathery like skin from my knees to my feet what do you recommend me

  25. Hi, please come for complimentary doctor consultation and kindly make appointment to +603.21635699 or contactus@mediviron-uoa.com

  26. Hi, I run accross infracyte products when I was visiting Philippines in 2013 and saw my dermatologist. I just came back again armed with the products my derma recommended me use two years ago. They are effective products & has done a wonder on my aging face. My question is, if in the event I need to replenish my supply where can I order them from? I am from the Chicago. Please kindly respond. Thank you!

  27. Hi Youthfulme,

    Before that, may I know what product are you using currently?

    Thank you.

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