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What are spider veins? 
Spider veins are fine visible veins. They can be found on the face or legs and can cover either a very small or very large area of skin. Often, they are red or blue in colour. They can look like tree branches or spiderwebs with their short, jagged lines. The medical term for spider veins is telangiectasia.

They are more common amongst Caucasians, Chinese and fair Malays compared to those with darker skin. This is because the veins are more easily seen when the skin is fair. Our skin becomes thinner due to aging and it becomes easier to see the veins beneath the skin as we get older.

 Spider veins are commonly found on the face and legs

What causes spider veins?

Spider veins can be caused by the backup of blood due to weak valves found in the veins. They can also be caused by hormone changes, exposure to the sun, and injuries.


How common are abnormal veins?
About 50 to 55 percent of women and 40 to 45 percent of men  suffer from some type of vein problem. 

What factors increase my risk of spider veins?
Many factors increase a person's chances of developing spider veins. These include:

  •     Increasing age. As you get older, the valves in your veins may weaken and not work as well.
  •     Medical history. Being born with weak vein valves increases your risk. Having family members with vein problems also increases your risk.
  •     Hormonal changes. These occur during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Taking birth control pills may also contribute to the forming of spider veins.
  •     Pregnancy. During pregnancy, there is a huge increase in the amount of blood in the body. This can cause veins to enlarge.  More  spider veins usually appear with each additional pregnancy.
  •     Lack of movement. Sitting or standing for a long time may force your veins to work harder to pump blood to your heart. This may be a bigger problem if you sit with your legs bent or crossed.
  •     Sun exposure. This can cause spider veins on the cheeks or nose of a fair-skinned person.

Are spider veins dangerous?
Spider veins rarely are a serious health problem, but they can cause uncomfortable feelings in the legs. If there are symptoms from spider veins, most often they will be itching or burning. Less often, spider veins can be a sign of blood backup deeper inside that you can’t see on the skin.

Candela GentleYAG Laser For Spider Vein Removal
Mediviron UOA Clinic offers the Candela GentleYAG laser which treats all skin types, including tanned skin, offering unmatched treatment capabilities in spider vein removal. Older generation of lasers or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is not safe for dark skin as it can cause burns or scarring. The Candela GentleYAG laser is also capable of long lasting hair reduction, skin tightening, and non-surgical body, face and breast lifting. The GentleYAG's  wavelength, variable pulse durations and patented cryogen cooling system (DCD) ensure maximum patient comfort and safety.

How Does The Laser Treatment Work?
The laser creates a beam of high-intensity light that penetrates deep into skin tissue where it delivers a controlled amount of therapeutic heat to the targeted blood vessels. Candela’s Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) technology protects the upper layers of your skin with a cooling burst of cryogen. Together, the long-pulse laser and DCD cooling offer optimal treatment with minimal side effects.

How Is The Treatment Done?
The procedure will be explained to you in detail by our aesthetic doctors. He or she will answer your queries in detail. Next you will need to sign consent form. Your skin should be thoroughly cleaned and dried, removing any makeup, creams or make-up before laser treatment. Photos of the area to be lasered will be taken to compare before and after results. The photos are completely confidential and will not be shown to anyone else without your permission.

Treatment takes place in one of our laser rooms. You will wear safety eyewear to protect your eyes from the laser light. Our aesthetic doctor will guide the laser to the treatment areas with a small handpiece. Each laser pulse will be preceded by a short pulse of cooling spray. The cooling spray helps to numb the area to make it more comfortable and less painful. A treatment could take as little as a few minutes to as long as an hour, depending on the area being treated.

A cool compress or gel pack may be applied for comfort following your treatment. After the procedure, sunscreen lotion will be applied to sun-exposed treated areas. You will be given an appointment for the next session. Any redness or swelling should resolve within a few days.

These can be treatable by using our Candela GentleYAG Laser

Does It Hurt?
Before the procedure, we will apply numbing cream to make the treatment more comfortable.

During the procedure, some patients may feel a slight discomfort with each laser pulse, sometimes described as the snapping of a rubber band on the skin. This discomfort resolves in several seconds and is minimized by Candela’s DCD cooling spray.

After the procedure, we apply some ice packs to the lasered area to make it more comfortable.

What Precautions Should I Take After Treatment?
After laser treatment, prevent sun exposure by applying sunblock (SPF 30 or above). In the first few days after treatment, don’t scrub or rinse the treated areas with abrasive skin cleansers.

Are There Side Effects?
The risks are minimal. Side effects may include redness, swelling, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, blistering, and small bruises in the treated area. These usually do not last more than a few days

How Much Does It Cost?
It costs RM1000 per session per area. Face / neck/ both thighs/ both knees/ both calves are considered 1 area each. 6 sessions are necessary. Each session is spaced at least 1 month apart.

Malaysia Ministry of Health Approval: KKLIU 1539/2013

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  1. Eddie says:

    I really loved this post. Its detailed, well written, great images and very informative. I learnt a lot today about spider veins. Thanks!
    treatment for spider veins

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hv a lot of spider veins all over the cheeks. Is it going to be the same price, i mean counted as one part?

  3. Price starts from RM1000 per session per area. Face / neck/ both thighs/ both knees/ both calves are considered 1 area each. Please come for doctor consultation and kindly make appointment to +603.21635699 or contactus@mediviron-uoa.com

  4. Anonymous says:

    how much does it cost for under eye spider vein removal?

  5. Price starts from RM1000 per session per area. Face / neck/ both thighs/ both knees/ both calves are considered 1 area each. Please come for doctor consultation and kindly make appointment to +603.21635699 or contactus@mediviron-uoa.com

  6. Hello , can i know the cost for hair removal treatment for whole body ?

  7. Hi Alia, Prices starts from RM600 to RM1000 per session for small area laser hair removal. Face/ both armpits/ both thighs/ both calves/ buttocks/ bikini area is 1 small area each and from RM1500 per area for big areas. Chest plus tummy/ back/ both forearms plus arms is 1 big area. Please come for a consultation since so we can estimate better. Sign up for 5 sessions and get 1 session free. The number of sessions needed varies on individuals.

    Please come for doctor consultation and kindly make appointment to +603.21635699 or contactus@mediviron-uoa.com

  8. Hi, I have vericose vein under my eye. Can Candela YAG Treatment helping to dissapear this vericose vein

  9. Hi Azhani,

    This laser can effectively remove fine veins on the face or body less than 2
    milimeter in diameter. It cannot remove largevaricose veins or veins more than 2mm in diameter.

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