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Hair loss in men and women is a real, worldwide problem affecting up to 70% of the men in the most industrialized countries, 40% of them destined to gradually become bald. Women are not spared, since 40% of them undergo diffuse hair loss for the same reasons as men. The various drug treatments introduced in the last few decades produce very commendable results but remain restrictive and costly.

Before treatment photos, some type of baldness for men: 

 Our clinic provide hair transplant treatment for our male and female clients. We had a sophisticated automated hair transplant using the Punch Hair Matic machine (known as Neograft in USA) from Medicamat, a well-known leader in hair tranplant machines based in France.

Before treatment photos, some type of baldness for women:


-What is the F.U.E. technique?
It is one of the two most performed hair transplantation techniques in the world.

F.U.E. means Follicular Unit Extraction. The practitioner manually extracts each graft (follicular unit = natural anatomic unit of 1 to 4 hairs) from the donor area of the scalp using a cylindrical punch and re-implants it, also manually, directly into the recipient area of the scalp with an implanter or a tweezer.
It is a clearly less surgical technique than the other hair transplantation technique, called the strip technique, which consists of surgically extracting strips of scalp and cutting them under a microscope into follicular units which are re-implanted in the same way as above.

Done manually, the F.U.E. technique has the main disadvantage of being longer and more tiring for the practitioner than the strip technique. However, it is winning over more and more support from patients, because it is less surgical and leaves no scar.

- What is the Punch Hair Matic® device?

The Punch Hair Matic®, also called S.A.F.E.R.® [Suction Assisted Follicular Extraction and Re-implantation] from the name of this new automated hair transplantation technique, is a patented electropneumatic instrument (medical device) developed by the French company MEDICAMAT. Compared to the traditional F.U.E. technique, this technique makes it easier to harvest the grafts and re-implant them.
The PUNCH HAIR MATIC is a medical device approved by the CE and the FDA

- What is the benefit of this device?

This device optimises both the extraction of the grafts by a circular micro-surgical knife of a maximum 0.8 to 1.40 mm diameter (the diameter is chosen by the practitioner according to various criteria, such as the patient's age, skin type, quality of the hair in the donor area, etc.), and the re-implantation of the grafts in the recipient area.

- What are the advantages of the automated F.U.E. technique with the Punch Hair Matic® device compared to this same technique performed in the traditional, entirely manual way?

Remember that the non-invasive F.U.E. technique is the only hair transplantation technique that can be performed in a private medical office, contrary to the strip technique, which constitutes a surgical procedure.

The F.U.E. technique:
- is painless: simple local anaesthesia is sufficient
- causes little bleeding, has no deep stitches
- does not require dressings after the procedure
- has no risk of infection or complications
- heals extremely quickly and almost invisibly in the days following the procedure
- allows several procedures without damaging the donor area
- is perfectly adapted to correcting the early stages of baldness in men and diffuse alopecia in women. Note also the benefit of this technique in correcting hair loss after aesthetic procedures such as a face lift or any other unsightly scar, as well as in the eyebrows.
- provides the possibility of short "a la carte" sessions.

The main disadvantage of it is that it is long and tiring for the practitioner, which underlies the importance of automating this technique with the Punch Hair Matic® device, which can reduce the procedure time by at least half compared to the traditional technique, thus providing a clear improvement in the comfort of both practitioner and patient. Moreover, since the practitioner's movements are assisted by the instrument, the quality of the grafts is excellent, and the aesthetic result is very satisfying due to the fact that the grafts suffer less during the procedure and there is 0% risk of transection.

- Is the automated F.U.E. technique adapted to men and women?
This technique is adapted to men and women of any age as long as the donor area is adequate. Frizzy hair is the only type excluded from this technique.

- How is the patient anaesthetised?
For this technique, a simple local anaesthesia is sufficient.
The local anesthesia formula used by our operators for hair transplant is : 20 cc of xyloca├»ne (2%) , with 0.5 to 1 mg of Adrenaline (depending on the age of the patient) and 50 cc of physiologic serum. We use less Adrenaline when the patient is older.

- Is the F.U.E. technique painful?
This technique is not painful. Local anaesthesia, possibly supplemented by premedication (mild tranquiliser) makes the session perfectly painless during and immediately after the procedure.

 The procedure is not stressful. The patient can listen to music during the entire session and watch a video during the re-implantation phase.

- Can there be complications?
No complications, especially with regard to graft rejection, since the process involves auto-grafts. Some basic hygiene guidelines prevent a risk of infection.

- Can the patient resume normal activities immediately after the transplantation?
Starting the morning after the procedure, the patient can take a shower, go to work and resume all normal activities (except for sports for a few days, naturally, even a few weeks for certain rough sports). Wearing a motorcycle helmet is strongly advised against during this same period.

- How long after a hair transplantation does the hair begin to grow back?
All or part of the transplanted hair risks falling out during the days following the procedure, which is perfectly normal. Since they only grow about 1 cm a month, as all hair does, the aesthetic result seen after a minimum of one year.

- Will the transplanted hair last a lifetime?
Yes, the transplanted hair bulb retains the ability to never fall out.

- How much hair can be transplanted, and are several sessions required?
The doctor is the only one able to determine, depending on the stage of development of the baldness in men or alopecia in women, how many hairs must be transplanted. Every case is specific.
One thousand hairs (around 400 grafts) to 4,000 hairs (around 1,600 grafts) may be grafted in a single or several successive sessions. Two to three sessions may be necessary to cover extensive baldness.

- What is the price of a capillary transplantation using the Punch Hair Matic® device?
The price varies, because it depends essentially on the number of grafts to be transplanted, with the awareness that for 400 to 800 grafts representing 1,000 to 2,000 hairs, the automated procedure lasts 2 to 3 hours.

-  Can females do hair transplantation ?

Yes, as long as women’s hair loss is concentrated in defined areas like in classic male pattern baldness (ie: women’s hair loss cannot be too diffused or thin throughout the entire scalp.

-  Would patients need to take any hair cream, hair tonic to promote faster hair growth after transplant? Do they help?

No need but patient can continue Finasteride.

 -  Can patient apply hair color (highlight hair at salon) after hair transplants?

Only after minimum of 1 month.

 -  If patient is completely bald and don’t have any donor site, will this patient still eligible for hair transplant?  

NO. Even Hamilton classification above VI is not a good indication for hair transplant even with a good donor site.

Doctor plans to do 1,000 hair graft, but wants to break into 2 sessions of 500 grafts each.

- After 1st 500 grafts hair session is done, how soon Dr can continue on the remaining 500 hair grafts? What is the time interval needed?
The best would be to wait until the growth of the 500 grafts first implanted, at least minimum 1 year, but it’s very alright to proceed with the second session after 2 or 3 weeks.

- What is the healing period on donor zone required before the 2nd harvesting activity can be started?
Hair transplant with the SAFER system is a refined micro procedure, which means that the healing process is very fast, only a maximum period of 10 to 15 days for a complete recovery.

 - Usually, how soon is the healing period for recipient zone?  
The healing period for the recipient zone is about 7 days, but the skin become normal only after 21 days. The procedure takes about 2hours* for 100 gratfs.

- What is our Hair Transplant cost?
We charge RM1800/100 hair grafts. The number of hair grafts you require will depend on the size of the bald patch. Small areas usually require less than 500 grafts. Very large areas may require more than 1000 grafts.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    will it leave any scars on the scalp?

  2. Hi.
    Scarring is one of the risk. However, we are going to harvest your hair from behind the occipital region to the frontal area. Therefore, if scarring do occur, it will be covered by other hair.
    May we have your contact number and email address so we can provide more info to you. Please email it to mediviron.uoa@gmail.com

  3. Sen says:

    am in malaysia.. can i have your email address to get more info..


  4. Anonymous says:

    im nt having a bald head or hair loss..but i have a U-shape head line..which is higher on my head from childhood..and it make me look older..i want to lower it..can it done with any method??....tq

  5. Hi there, we can use Hair Transplantation for that

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hello....I'm not from KL but I wish to have the hair transplant done in KL.Will I have to go through any follow up procedures after the surgery and if so, is it necessary? I am asking because it will not be practical for me to stay in KL for too long after the surgery. Thanks.

  7. You will need to come for review the day after procedure has been done and then again in about 7 days. After that you may come once a month or in two months which will be advised by doctor on case to case basis.

  8. Berapa harikah sesuatu rawatan dijalankan & berapa harikah sesuatu rawatan akan sembuh?

  9. Berapa harikah sesuatu rawatan dijalankan & berapa harikah sesuatu rawatan akan sembuh?

  10. It can be done in one or two treatments depending on how much hair is to be transplanted. You may need 1 month for full recovery.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Can i discuss with doctor first?
    Bettiday@ yahoo.com

  12. Hi Betti, we have emailed you. When would you like to come for your complimentary consultation?

  13. Does this mean for 250 hairs (100 hair grafts) costs RM1800? I have a very little issue on my forehead (M Shape) but I really don't know how many grafts will it require. So far I can still manage to cover it but I would really like to just solve the problem. Is there a minimum graft required for every procedure or it will just depend on how the doctor determines it?

  14. Hi Marlon, we dont usually count by number of hairs but number of grafts. During the consultation doctor will advise you with what you can achieve with what number of grafts. We have free consultation from Monday to Thursday. You can drop us an email at contactus@mediviron-uoa.com to make an appointment.

  15. Hello, I I've U shape type and a bit of bald. So, any suggestion for my request? It has been along time..when I was a child but I wonder that i've bald hair.

  16. Hello Boshaa, you can do transplant if you have enough hairs on the back of your head. Please come for a doctor's consultation. You can make an appointment thru email contactus@mediviron-uoa.com. Consultation is free from Mon to Thurs.

  17. Hi Chihyong, hair transplant can be done for goatee, beard, side burns and eyebrows as well. you can email us at contactus@mediviron-uoa.com to set an appointment.

  18. Joel Tan says:

    Hi, may I know the hair on the donor area will grow back after taken out?

  19. Hi Joel, it will not grow back at the donor site.

  20. Hi,
    I am interested to do a transplant for goatee.
    How do i contact you?
    Thank you.

  21. Please email us at contactus@mediviron-uoa.com

  22. Anonymous says:

    What is(are) the doctors name who doing the hair transplant procedure in your clinic?

  23. Hi, we have 4 doctors in our clinic, please come for doctor consultation for a proper assessment.

  24. Anonymous says:

    will the donor area be shaved for ladies?

  25. Hi, yes, please come for doctor consultation for a proper assessment. You can make appointment with us by email contactus@mediviron-uoa.com or call us at +603.21635699 / +6017.2163.569 (whatsapp)

  26. Anonymous says:

    Does the recipient area need to be shaved? Will marks be obvious?

  27. Hi, yes need to be shaved for the procedure. For more information, please contact us by email contactus@mediviron-uoa.com or call us at +603.21635699 / +6017.2163.569 (whatsapp)

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